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Microsoft's Caption A.I. Is Sometimes Right, Sometimes Stupid

Microsoft has launched a new CaptionBot, and the results range from impressively spot on to bwah.

Simply by uploading a photo to CaptionBot, it will describe what it sees. Keep in mind, the A.I. is still learning, but damn, there’s so much it doesn’t know.

It does know this guy. Good. He’s important.

Amazing! It can recognize Wii Remotes by name. So the next one should be a cinch!

Gah. Let’s try another Microsoft console.

Maybe CaptionBot just likes Nintendo more?

Eh... Maybe these are too hard. Let’s go for a palate cleanser.

A yellow, pill-popping one in red booties. Okay, okay. The next one, CaptionBot will definitely know.

Um. Okay. Technically this could be correct.

Nooooooooo. Is it wrong to assume Microsoft A.I. would be familiar with Microsoft products?

I don’t even, what is this. Let’s try some easier ones. You know, easier than Microsoft logos.

Okay. Not bad! While not specific, the A.I. is correct.

You should see my face, CaptionBot.

At least it’s not a racist, huh? Well, yet.

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