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/pol/ enlists /k/ to help capture Shia's next flag.

Hoot! somehow finds out where the flag is using a newly developed form of weaponised
slt' s in a guarded bunker
s/ pol/ realises they won' t be able to do this alone
Hoot! contacts / and asks for help
two armed guards at the door to the bunker hear noises
door is blown off its hinges
WM/ f era smoke grenade is thrown in
llt' s completley defective and does nothing
men sprint in
2: -All roleplaying
bone of them is dressed in full garb with a machete
are back to back, one in WWW gear, the other in WWW gear
bone of them is fully clad in knight armor with a longsword, screaming about Jerusalem
Inland the last one has gone full Rambo mode, trying and failing to 2
guy kills both the guards with his machete
World War fags sprint into the room with the camera and flag
is there with a in his hand
try to fire
Ttheir 75 year old guns both jam
Rambo runs in
both triggers
recoil sprains both his wrists and he drops the guns
and Crusader both run in at the same time
fires his SPAS, somehow misses, and falls over
Male is brutally killed with sharp objects and stabbed over 600 times
WI guy picks up the flag
Tories to shoot the camera, gun jams again
it over
walk out with the flag, victorious
re all arrested the next day

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