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Core JJ on New Roles and Why He Likes Samsung First off, how does it feel to get first place in your group, after some people doubted your team's ability?

Core JJ: I didn’t really care about how people evaluated our team because I thought we could prove to people that we were better through our plays and our abilities. It is also much more fun to show ourselves.

You made the transition from AD to support. How was that transition, going to an entirely new role?

The only thing that I felt difficult was that I didn’t have a large champion pool as a support because I didn’t play support that well. However, because I played as an AD carry before, I understood what a carry wanted from their support. I’m trying to play my own playstyle as an AD carry.

There is another support on your team, Wraith. Is your relationship with him competitive or do you guys actually help each other out?

It’s kind of both. We do compete against each other, but we try to compete with each other in a way so that both of us improve our abilities. That is what our relationship is like.

What do you think is the biggest difference in working in a North American team and a Korean team?

The reason I came to a Korean team was because I wanted to see a more focused attitude as a team. When I was in NA, I couldn’t find that kind of aspect from my team so that’s why I came back to Korea.

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