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ANX Smurf on Punching above His Weight at Worlds So, you guys just made history, being the first wildcard team to make it to the knockout stages? How does it feel?

Smurf: This is a great feeling to be the first wildcard to get out of the group. We were kind of underrated before the tournament and many people thought we would be 0-6, but we ended 4-2. We even had a chance to get out in 1st place so it feels great.

What is the competition like in the LCL? Are there your teams that you had to really fight to get here?

There is actually really strong competition in LCL even though there is the contradicting fact that Kira and I have won the 4 last regional finals. Still, those finals were pretty shaky and would go to 5 games. Also during this Summer Split, it was a reverse sweep to win out.

I noticed that your team coordination is really good for a wildcard team. What was it like building your synergy together?

Maybe the reason is because we get to train against teams that are better than us in terms of their level of play and skill. So, we have to invent something in order to surpass them, using macro play.

How exactly did your preparation go coming into the world championship?

Preparation was probably a bit different for the majority of participating teams because most of them were bootcamping in Korea. We had very little choice of opponents to play against so we played a lot of solo queue to prepare and got some rest after IWCQ before worlds.

What does the state of esports like in CIS, in terms of infrastructure?

One could say our region is underdeveloped. Especially due to the fact that our regular season was played online this year. But that being said, we still can compete against European teams on EU West servers to prepare and match them, helping us be on a competitive level with our teams here.

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