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<b>Planet of Heroes</b> – New competitive mobile MOBA enters Closed Beta 2

[Beta signup] Developed by Fast Forward Studio and published by (Skyforge, Revelation Online), Planet of Heroes entered Closed Beta 2 recently. In fact, the game is open to all who simply signs up! Planet of Heroes is an action-packed modern mobile MOBA for mobile devices that aims to capture what makes the MOBA genre great on PC while playing to the strengths of mobile platforms.

Planet of Heroes makes the most of the mobile experience, allowing for both simultaneous online play, and asynchronous offline play. Game controls are tailored to make the most of mobile devices, eschewing awkward gestures and control layouts in favor of friendly, easy-to-grasp control schemes. Other than PVP, there is a solo story mode as well, although content is limited during Closed Beta.

Planet of Heroes aims to balance both sides of the MOBA equation – deliver choice and strategy with tactical depth, while also creating a mobile experience that fits the small screen and time constraints of mobile players. Closed Beta 2 will allow newcomers to get a sense of the fast and furious on- and offline MOBA action at the core of Planet of Heroes, while also offering feedback to the developers.

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