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Become a Worlds Expert With Our Infographic

The time has finally arrived: Worlds 2016 is here. Sixteen teams from around the globe will face one another on Summoner’s Rift for the privilege of lifting the World Championship Series Cup. The group stage of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship will see 16 teams reduced to eight, after which the knockouts begin until one team remains. SKT T1 trounced the competition last year, losing one game during the monthlong event, but Worlds history is full of surprising facts  — not least that Faker and co are from veterans of the tournament.

With that in mind, we present our visual history of Worlds through the years, a towering beast of information to whet your appetite. So much has changed since last year’s competition. New champions have darted onto the scene: Jhin, Taliyah, Illaoi and Aurelion Sol all have the chance of redirecting the competition meta just like Tahm Kench in 2015. Teams have altered their compositions, monsters have had a makeover, items have come and gone; each Worlds is always unique, but by having a look at the below, you’ll be able to see what made each previous competition — and sometimes, competitor — so special.

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