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<b>Master of Eternity</b> – Quick look at new mobile game from Nexon Korea

Announced at G-Star 2015, Master of Eternity (or the rather corny M.O.E) was launched by Nexon in Korea recently for iOS and Android devices. A self-developed turn-based mobile game, Master of Eternity is classified as a “Simulation Role Playing Game”, with some eye-candy for the male players due to the mixture of Japanese anime-styled young ladies and the always popular mechas.

Gameplay is straight forward, with a big battlefield for players to maneuver their mechas, each piloted by a different bishoujo. There is the usual gacha system to get more units. There is also a “Showroom” mode, where players can interact more with the female pilots, which includes giving items to make them happy (real life!), buy costumes, and trigger storylines. There is no overseas launch announced.

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cinderboy Your average online gamer who is bilingual in Chinese and English, although he does try to play Japanese and Korean games sometimes. Online gaming since 1999, and has worked in the online gaming and mobile gaming industry (Journalist, Game Master, Community Manager, Operations Manager) since 2008.

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