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<b>Bless</b> – The Blazing Fire update to introduce Mystic class next month

As teased a couple of days ago on social media, developer Neowiz Bless Studio today confirmed a major game update is arriving for the Korean server of Bless on 5 October. Titled “The Blazing Fire”, the main feature to arrive is the Mystic class, a versatile choice for either healing, support, or even solo play. This class is also able to debuff enemies and inflict damage overtime spells, including burn, poison, and bleed.

Similar to most healers in online games, the Mystic class is a must-have in any party with an array of beneficial spells. Other new content include the increment of the max level cap to 50, a new Warrior King’s Tomb raid (6 stages, 3 stages will open on a later date), 4 new maps and normal dungeons, runes for passive stats boost, and the arrival of a brand new server! The English server of Bless will launch next year.


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