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<b>Red Stone 2</b> – Mobile RPG begins pre-registration phase in Korea

Originally a PC MMORPG sequel to Red Stone Online, developer L&K Logic Korea made the daring move back in 2015 to switch the game into a mobile one. Fast forward to 2016, Red Stone 2 entered beta in May 2016, and is now preparing for launch in South Korea by starting the pre-registration phase. Set to be published by 4:33 Creative Lab, it is unknown if a global deal was secured.

The original Red Stone Online, a PC online game, started with players on an adventure searching for the mythical Red Stone. There are 6 playable classes in Red Stone 2, including Fighter, Warrior, Witch, and Priest. The transformation system, where characters change into an alternate version. For example, Priest into Fall Angel, Magician into Werewolf, and many more. Stay tuned for updates!

Red Stone 2 screenshot 2

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