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<b>Peria Chronicles</b> – Developer Thingsoft posts game progress update

Following our recent post about Peria Chronicles possibly canned by Nexon, developer Thingsoft (now part of Nexon) has posted an official update for the game. The post stressed that game development for Peria Chronicles is still going on, though the team has met with many difficulties in the process. While a solution is currently found, Peria Chronicles will have to “begin from the start”, which means re-developed from scratch.

Peria Chronicles status update

As Peria Chronicles focuses on every player almost having GM-like powers creating new content, the new version will even allow players to edit their own user interface (UI). The goal of the game is still to eventually allow players to shape and change the world as time passes. In other words, an ever-changing world. That is the long-term aim, as currently the team is only working on player-made dungeons. Stay tuned for more updates!

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