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Stixxay on CLG, Kalista and the Future

This weekend, Counter Logic Gaming and the Immortals faced off in Toronto's Air Canada Centre for their third-place match in the NA LCS Finals. It gave both teams a chance to prove themselves after some stumbles during the summer split.

The series was an absolute slugfest. While ultimately the Immortals took the chaotic series, Counter Logic Gaming showed that they had made massive improvements over the summer. Trevor "Stixxay" Hayes spoke with Red Bull eSports after their match to discuss the series, including the ADC picks, Huhi’s massive performance and how CLG handles burnout and coaching.

So you guys have had a bit of a rough split but you showed really strong form there in the last Best of 5. How did it feel to be in front of such an intense crowd, with so much on the line?

Well, it's always fun to play on a new stage. This one in Canada kinda reminded me of the one in Vegas a lot. That was at Mandalay Bay. It's always fun to kind of have a different environment. We're used to playing LCS all season so coming to a huge stage is always really enjoyable to play on, the crowd is always huge and has a ton of hype so it's always really fun to play.

You've had a really long streak. You had your rookie split, you took the championship, then headed to MSI. I think you played another split worth of games at MSI, then you had your second split, so you've really been on a tear. How's that affecting you? Are you feeling burnout? Is it rough to deal with?

Yeah, I would say it's pretty rough to deal with 'cause we had a one week break after MSI, so pretty much when you win you just keep playing and you don't really have a break. We had a one-week break max at MSI and even then I was still playing solo queue. I would say I was maybe burned out a little in the beginning of the split, maybe towards the middle of the split, but I feel towards the end of the split I really got a resurgence of motivation, and I guess it showed in my play a bit — I played definitely better toward the end of the season, and towards the playoffs and stuff. I don't know, burnout kinda affected me a little, but not too much. I'm just glad I was able to be ready for Toronto. [If] TSM wins tomorrow [and they did] we're gonna qualify for Worlds — we're gonna be boot camping in Korea.

There were some really interesting ADC picks in that series. There was an Ashe in game one, from the Immortals. That didn't really work out for them. You guys really favored the Jhin pick. Were you surprised that the Jhin wasn't banned out until the end of the series?

Not really. So basically there's three characters: Sivir, Ashe, Jhin. I feel like Jhin and Ashe can go interchangeable and Sivir is in the middle. But from my experience I think Jhin was the strongest so that's why we're picking Jhin every game. I was a little surprised that the Immortals banned him, because I don't necessarily think Jhin is the reason we're winning games. I think it was Jhin, and then a number of other things, but it's not like the champion is just going to solo kill and win. I know it's really lame to play against, but there's other ways to deal with it.

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