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<b>Black Desert Online</b> – Valencia Part Two and awakening system arrives today

[Game website] Kakao Games has announced that the second part of the Valencia Expansion, as well as the first class Awakening, are coming to Black Desert Online today. Players will be able to journey to Muiquun, the Land of Outlaws. This abandoned town, in the middle of the Cantusa Desert, is rumored to house the infamous Muiquun gang and other lawbreakers, who drove Muiqunn’s original inhabitants away.

Players looking for a safer area in the desert regions can stop by Arehaza, a small fishing community located east of the Great Valencian Desert, which has a port where adventurers can trade goods or transport supplies. In addition to new regions to explore, players can face off against Karanda the Harpy Queen, or gather their friends and explore the outdoor dungeons Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins.

Black Desert Online - Harpy Queen

These brand new dungeons will test players’ strengths and cooperation skills as they prepare for an assault unlike anything they have ever experienced before in Black Desert Online. In addition, two new world bosses will be added as part of Valencia Part II in September next month. They are namely the colossal Desert Dragon Nouver and the massive sandworm Kutum, both who are lurking beneath the sand dunes.

Black Desert Online - Valanecia World Boss 1Black Desert Online - Valanecia World Boss 2

The Warrior class Awakening will also be making its debut today. After level 55, all Warriors will be able to unlock the Greatsword, pushing their combat to the next level. The Greatsword will not replace the Warrior’s Sword and Shield, but instead introduce a more destructive aspect to their typically defensive fighting style, offering a seamless transition between the two. Experience Awakening today!

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