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RimWorld - PC Preview | Chalgyr's Game Room

RimWorld is both shallow and deep, solid yet slippery at times. Performance is rock solid and any issues reported to Tynan/Ludeon are quickly resolved which means ongoing support and development is not going anywhere anytime soon. Adding to the excellent service and solid Early Access build is an incredibly engaging sci-fi sim that has the feel of something so much more, something deeper, while being something extremely simply and oft-times, care-free. Since every playthrough will be different, and there is enough here to be engaging, in no way will RimWorld start to feel old or tired. For those looking for something interesting on more levels than one, RimWorld takes a handful of survival and sim genre archetypes and combines them into an incredibly enjoyable experience. RimWorld is a must-have sci-fi simulator focusing on individual stories and even in its Early Access state will be right at home in any gamer's library.

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