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<b>MU Legend</b> – Game graphics improved after comparison with mobile games

Set to enter Closed Beta 2 on 1 September, MU Legend is one of the most anticipated online games in South Korea (after Lost Ark) with millions of fans from MU Online and also jaded players of Diablo 3. Other than a ton of new content, it is interesting to read that Webzen has prioritised game graphics as an element to improve on, as a Closed Beta 1 player stated MU Legend “looks like a mobile game”.

There are no new classes in Closed Beta 2, as Webzen is taking time to balance the existing ones first. Players can expect new dungeons, a new Relic system, and partial guild functions. Open Beta is scheduled for December, and a companion app will be released for MU Legend as well. MU Legend is also confirmed for a global launch in the near future according to our interview with Webzen some months back.

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