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<b>Pokémon Rework</b> – Brief look at new China bootleg Pokémon mobile game

Riding on the wave of Pokémon GO’s worldwide popularity, you may have read about clones of the game being developed in China and South Korea. A small developer in China decided to instead clone the handheld version of Pokémon to Android devices, named as Pokémon Rework, and recently launched the game locally. At the time of me playing, there are already over 60 full servers!

From what I could tell, players could obtain powerful Pokémons from the start of the game, given that you are willing to spend (or top-up) and get them as bonuses. Pokémons are also part of the “gacha” system. Heck, for a limited time, the player who spends the most cash credits is even guaranteed of a Mewtwo! In Pokémon Rework, there are now 251 Pokémons to collect and 62 gyms to challenge.

Pokemon Rework screenshot 2Pokemon Rework screenshot 3Pokemon Rework screenshot 4

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