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Muv-Luv - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Though visual novels are still gaining popularity in the West, some, like Muv-Luv make breaking into the genre both comical and at times, tragically relatable. With Extra and Unlimited, the first two arcs in the series, you will experience laughs, likely a few embarrassing moments, some anger, and likely a whole bunch of giddy confusion (in the best of ways). Watch as a relatively faceless, flat, and generic male protagonist matures through the awkward stages of learning how to effectively communicate with the opposite sex (not-so-spoilery hint, he doesn't) and grows into someone that you eventually begin to care about and at times, sympathize with. Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited are phenomenal gateways into the virtual novel world, and should be enjoyed by all, especially because Muv-Luv Alternative is coming in the near future and it looks to be a promising climax to a phenomenally built story.

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