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<b>Echo of Soul</b> – Wrath of the Goddess content update is now live

[Play free now] Get ready to take on a brand new adventure in Episode 2.5 of Echo of Soul: Wrath of the Goddess! Aeria Games has just unleashed a wealth of brand new content for Echo of Soul players to explore – perfect for dedicated players or those new to the game. Echo of Soul is an engrossing free-to-play MMO set in a vast, beautiful world after the War of the Creators, with six distinct classes to choose from.

This exciting content update for Echo of Soul: Wrath of the Goddess includes:

3 New Dungeons – Combat tough new challenges in the Temple of Cernunnos, Woods of Chaos, and Spring of Lethe.

New PvP Season – Players can compete in Arenas and Battlegrounds to gain powerful gear and fight to be at the top.

Doomspire Keep – 50 levels of ever-increasing challenges. Compete for higher levels and face off against powerful foes – even two bosses from other dungeons at the same time.

Moon Festival – Moon Queen Luna has appeared in Ignea Plains and is putting residents into an endless slumber – defeat her to restore peace and stability.

Echo of Soul - Wrath of the Goddess screenshot 2

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