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Snapchat releases new Geostickers for users

Stickers are no longer just your childhood relic, filled with memories of decorating your bedroom walls, younger siblings and yourself all to your parents horror. Snapchat is now launching location specific stickers that users can place in their stories and decorate as they wish. While the stickers aren’t available to Kiwis just yet. (We'll let this point of indiscretion slide, since we got Pokemon Go first), the feature is most likely to be expanded to a lot more locations over time.       


Like Geofilters, the stickers are themed to the user’s current location and can be resized and repositioned to the user's own creative judgement and aesthetic preference. For now, the stickers are available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., Honolulu, London, Sydney, Sydney, São Paulo, Paris and Riyadh. In San Francisco, the adorable caricatures mock tech culture, jab at rising rents and highlight local landmarks.  

The new release of Geostickers comes after the release of Bitmojis two weeks ago. Snapchat bought Bitstrips for roughly $100 million a few months ago. The partnership between the two has finally been released and created new ways for users to further personalise their snaps. Bitstrips makes cartoon-style avatars that you can put in various comic strip-like situation. Together with Snapchat, users can link their Snapchat accounts with their Bitstrip avatar and post them on their stories, send personal snaps to their friends or upload them in Snapchat message. Kiwis can further personalise their own Snapchat stories with the Bitmojis. Hopefully, the Geostickers will make its way to the South Pacific and give Kiwis their own personal stickers. Perhaps an image of the Sky Tower,  an array of sailboats, a jump off Nevis Swing in Queenstown. It would be sweet as.    

To install the stickers, location services need to be enabled within the app settings.

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