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Jaguar Land Rover takes hda off-road

The British brand Jaguar Land Rover is using Cohda Wireless connected vehicle systems in a research project to enable future autonomous cars to drive over any surface or terrain.

Australian company, Cohda Wireless, says that the future of car innovation lies in the V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure) systems, which the Land Rovers will enable in their research over various types of terrain.   

Jaguar Land Rover’s multi-million-pound autonomous all-terrain driving research project envisions a self-driving car that can navigate both on-road and off-road. In addition, the research will test the systems to enable the cars to drive in difficult weather conditions.  

The project has used Cohda Wireless MK5 On-Board Units and software stacks and applications to deploy its V2X systems. The V2X system is a wireless sensor system that allows vehicles to share their sensor data with other vehicles around them. As standard sensors such as radar, optical, ultrasonic and lidar are all line-of-sight, they can only detect visible risks. According to Cohda Wireless, Cohda’s V2X technology is a non-line-of-sight sensor with 360-degree awareness.  It can detect hidden-from-view threats, so it can extend the horizon of awareness beyond what the driver can see.

In order to ensure the safety of self driving cars, the V2X systems need to be reliable, not only between two cars that are driving down a straight road, but also when two cars are approaching each other around blind corners, over the crests of hills, at highway speeds or when there are trucks between them.

In a world-first off-road demonstration, Jaguar Land Rover connected two Range Rover Sports together using Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) technology from Cohda Wireless to create an Off-Road Connected Convoy.  The Cohda MK5 units enables cars to communicate with one another. 

The Cohda-enabled wireless vehicle-to-vehicle communications system instantly shares information such as vehicle location, wheel-slip, changes to suspension height and wheel articulation, as well as All-Terrain Progress Control and Terrain Response settings between the two vehicles.

Cohda Wireless CEO Paul Gray says the Jaguar Land Rover demonstration shows the wide range of benefits of connected vehicle technology. “Cohda has a suite of V2X products focused on the platooning of autonomous vehicles,” he says.

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