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<b>Final Fantasy Type-0 Online</b> – New mobile RPG showcased at ChinaJoy

Just to recap, Final Fantasy Type-0 is an upcoming mobile RPG based on the Final Fantasy Agito world. So why is the game over at ChinaJoy 2016? As announced last year, Final Fantasy Type-0 is actually being developed by Perfect World, with the IP officially licensed from Square Enix. Players will control a team of familiar characters from Agito, and… kill monsters. A western launch is in the pipelines.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is a MMORPG for mobile devices, and you could really identify the “Perfect World touch” from the user interface and character design. The multi-character control scheme is something similar to Granado Espada, or Sword of the New World if you have played that PC MMORPG before. Final Fantasy Type-0 will be released in China first later this year, followed by Japan.

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