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<b>Dark and Light</b> – New game trailer for ambitious sandbox MMORPG

Also known as Savage Horizon, developer Snail Games recently revealed the latest trailer for Dark and Light, its massive sandbox MMORPG. Since acquiring the rights to the game back in 2008, there has been much hype over the announced features, including 40,000 square kilometers of land, the ability to build houses, villages, kingdoms, become a hunter, a fighter, a treasure hunter, and more.

Along with the release of the ChinaJoy 2016 trailer, new features added to Dark and Light were announced. The main difference will be the upgrading to Unreal Engine 4! Other than that, it seems the game has expanded into space as well, with the concept of multiple gods expanding into multiple universes. From just Dark vs Light, it has now evolved into 3 factions… More details later this year!

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