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<b>Sudden Attack 2</b> – Nexon announce closure of new online shooter

As the successor to the most popular online shooter in South Korea, Sudden Attack, high hopes were placed on Sudden Attacks. However, Nexon today announced it is shutting down the game on 29 September, just a little less than 3 months after launching. The official reason stated was that the team is “deeply troubled by the feedback”, and will not be able to fix the problems in the short term.

As Sudden Attack 2 could not meet with the overall expectations from both players and development team, the drastic action of shutting the game down was made. Of course, the process of refunding will begin. It has been a lousy month for Nexon, with Sudden Attack 2 being attacked (no pun intended) for indecency, and its Co-Founder stepping down after being indicted in a corruption case.

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