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<b>Wild Buster</b> – Gameplay trailer revealed for Closed Beta 2 phase

First announced in early 2012, developer Nuri Star Ducks will begin Closed Beta 2 phase tomorrow for its first PC MMORPG, Wild Buster. I am really curious how the studio survived 4 years without a running game. That aside, Wild Buster is a sci-fi action game, pretty much similar to Diablo, though with guns, robots, aliens, and all the drama taking place in space. What else could you ask for?

The PVE dungeons are pretty straightforward, with things getting interesting in the various PVP modes. There are actually 2 opposing factions in Wild Buster, Guardian (blue) and Abandon (red). If you did not get the hint, it means players are not able to create their own unique heroes, but choose from a stable of ready-made characters. There is supposed to be a PVPVE game mode as well in development.

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