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<b>Black Desert</b> – Game world expanding with massive naval update

Most hardcore Black Desert fans would have known by now, the game is getting a huge new update soon, with a focus on naval travel, combat, and a new continent. Scheduled to go live in the Korean server on 21 July, players can expect more ship designs, intense naval warfare, maritime trading, new sea monsters, and gigantic monsters. Pretty much like the Kraken in ArcheAge. Awesome.

Before I forget, you can loot other ships, like pirates, and also navigate around the different conditions on the wide ocean. Of course, exploring the underwater world and hunting for treasures will be part of the new activities. One Piece, anyone? Seen below is the expanded world map, which makes the current playable continent looks small in comparison. I wonder how big will the update be…

I am not sure how to translate the names of the new continent and the coastal city, but they are clearly inspired by Asian oriental designs. Just a note, developer Pearl Abyss is preparing the Taiwanese launch, but the China server has yet to be revealed. A preparation for a big Chinese announcement? Most likely so. No new playable race nor class was announced, which seems pretty odd.

Black Desert - New coastal city

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