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<b>Overwatch</b> – Square Enix CEO and Sony president form teams to face off

Yes, you read it right. Square Enix CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia, Atsushi Morita, will be forming their own teams and challenge each other in Overwatch on 22 July. This epic event will be streamed live on YouTube. The 2 bosses have met with teams before in Call of Duty Black Ops, with the legion under Yosuke Matsuda being humiliated.

If you did not know, Square Enix is the publisher of Overwatch (the PlayStation version) in Japan. Hopefully now you can see the link between Square Enix and Sony. I wonder if Blizzard Entertainment boss, Michael Morhaime, is invited to be the guest referee… But still, Overwatch is doing very well in Japan, and this battle of the century has gathered lots of anticipation. Awesome marketing campaign!

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