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<b>Continent of the Ninth Seal</b> – Summer content update arriving next week

[Play free now] Webzen today announced that its dungeon-based action MMORPG, Continent of the Ninth Seal, will get its major summer update next week on 28 July. The main content include an increased level cap of 70 and players will be able to discover new, unexplored regions in the 6th continent. There are also new dungeons in the form of Twisted Forest Maze and Fallen Water Dragon Shrine.

Webzen is also adding new skill books for each class, such as the effect-change skill book and the buff/debuff skill book. Ultimate Rare equipment will be unlocked, along with the material required to obtain these powerful new items. Both skill books and material can be obtained in the 2 new dungeons. Players can look forward to the new Purchase Agency and Daily Mission systems as well!

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