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<b>Sudden Attack 2</b> – Female characters to be removed for inappropriate poses

Yesterday, the CEO of GameHi (or Nexon GT), developer of Sudden Attack 2, issued a letter of apology on the game website. Barely a week into launch, it seems the community has complained about the inappropriate poses and disturbing expressions 2 female characters, Miya and Ji-Yoon Kim, have exhibited in the Unreal Engine 3 online shooter. The full apology text in Korean can be seen below.

Sudden Attack 2 CEO apology letter

There is no date set for the removal of these 2 female characters (coined as “guest characters” since they appear on both opposing teams), but there are still 4 more playable female characters in the game which have been spared with the cut. Below are some of the images posted by the Korean media and Sudden Attack 2 community which may have triggered this drastic approach by Nexon.

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