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<b>MapleStory 2</b> – Nexon Korea introduces the hard-hitting Striker class

Nexon Korea today released the new Striker class into MapleStory 2, around 6 months after the Rune Blader class. Utilizing knuckles (or gauntlets) as the main weapon, Striker punishes enemies with their powerful fist attacks. With STR and DEX as the main stats, I was surprised Striker is not an advancement of the Thief, but a starter class on its own as part of the new Martial Arts class family.

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cinderboy Your average online gamer who is bilingual in Chinese and English, although he does try to play Japanese and Korean games sometimes. Online gaming since 1999, and has worked in the online gaming and mobile gaming industry (Journalist, Game Master, Community Manager, Operations Manager) since 2008.

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