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<b>Mabinogi Heroes: Eternal</b> – Mobile action RPG revealed for China region

Tiancity, the China publisher of Nexon games such as Mabinogi Heroes, Mabinogi, Counter-Strike Online, and many more, today announced Mabinogi Heroes: Eternal, a new mobile action RPG. Reportedly co-developed with Nexon, the game is scheduled to launch in China later this year. Media articles claimed Mabinogi Heroes: Eternal will improve on the PC version, including graphics and combat.

Mabinogi Heroes: Eternal should play similarly to most action games out there right now, with a focus on instanced-dungeon crawling and PVP modes. Of course, elements of Mabinogi Heroes will be ported over, such as selected playable characters, game lore, the massive costume system, environment, equipment, and many more. There is currently no overseas plan for Mabinogi Heroes: Eternal.

Mabinogi Heroes Eternal image 2

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