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<b>Warframe</b> – Second summer update Specters of the Rail is now live

[Play free now] Today marks the launch of the Specters of the Rail PC update for Warframe, the global sci-fi MMO sensation. Specters of the Rail brings a significant overhaul to the Star Chart system, new Archwing space combat modes, the introduction of space cat companions, and more! Specters of the Rail is the second of a major three-part update cycle occurring this summer for Warframe.

Major highlights from today’s Specters of the Rail PC update include:

NEW KAVAT COMPANIONS: A new species enters the Arsenal! These ferocious space cats come with their own Cosmetic Armor and Mods, offering a more defensive style of support in-battle. Two unique Breeds with their own unique set of perks are currently available:

• Adarza Kavats are lethal and sly, offering increased Critical Chance for short durations and the possibility to reflect damage back at their attackers.

• Smeeta Kavats are aloof but powerful, occasionally projecting an image of itself to distract enemies and granting good fortune to squad members. Finding Kavats has unlocked the secrets of aging as well. All biological Companions will be instantly Matured at the press of a button – but think before you act. Puppies and Kittens now have free roam of your ship. Players must weigh the benefits of an adorable companion at home, or a ferocious beast at their side on the battlefield.

Warframe Specters of the Rail - Kavat 2

ARCHWING OVERHAUL: Archwing has received an entirely overhauled Flight System, offering players six degrees of freedom! In order for Tenno to explore these changes to their fullest, a new Support Class and new Game Modes have been implemented as well. These additions include:

• A Support Archwing, for those who want to support their fellow Tenno.

• Archwing Pursuit Mode, where players must hunt and battle a heavily-defended Grineer Ship, evading its turrets, mines, and reinforcements along the way.

• Archwing Rush Mode, which requires players to prevent the escape of numerous hostile supply ships in a set period of time.

Warframe Specters of the Rail - Archwing Healer 1Warframe Specters of the Rail - Archwing Healer 2

STAR CHART RENOVATION: Find a new way to experience the Origin System with the complete rework of the Star Chart. Let the nostalgic roadmap design lead you through the stars as you embark on a quest to re-activate the links between Planets called Junctions. This roadmap design is a throwback to the early UI in Warframe which loyal players have often expressed to see revived.

Warframe Specters of the Rail - Star Chart rework 1Warframe Specters of the Rail - Star Chart rework 2

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