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It's official: Shareholders say YES to Sky-Vodafone merger

Sky shareholders have voted YES to the Sky-Vodafone merger at a special meeting held at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland this morning.

The merger already had an 80% vote in favour through proxy votes from shareholders who couldn't attend, while the final verdict is due at midday.

The Sky-Vodafone merger deal is worth $3,437,000. Vodafone NZ will sell all of its shares to Sky, and Sky will sell 51% (405,023,041) of its shares to Vodafone, creating the biggest merger in New Zealand history.

The merger must still get permission from the Commerce Commission, but the effects of the merger will change the New Zealand telco landscape will soon be revealed, with Spark managing director commenting last month that the merger will not dramatically affect the company's existing operations. 

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