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Wantad: a Kiwi developed app

Wantad is a New Zealand developed app that turns your home screen into a communications channel for creatives, friends, family and brands.

It's a live wallpaper that gets smarter the more you use it. Wantad's messages, pictures and advertisements are aimed to be non-intrusive, but still interactive. 

Ana Lyubich, co-founder and director of Wellington-based Ad Cloud Company Ltd, believes Wantad puts the dead space to work. 

"Your wallpaper is now a live communications channel which is constantly changing – delivering messages and photos from family, as well as animated interactive advertisements from artists, charities, community groups and brands," says Lyubich. 

Users can utilise the Wantad app in three ways:

Businesses using the app will find that their message is delivered straight to the screens of mobile devices in an animated and entertaining form. It will also help to retain existing customers while attracting new ones too.

According to the developers, Wantad doesn't use a lot of data, and it won't take up much space on your phone. Bonus. 

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