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Onimusha: Warlords - Retro Reflections

Onimusha was a mixed experience for me. The magical weapons and infinite monsters made me want to play it as a hack and slash game. The slow pacing, cumbersome control system and puzzle solving made me want to treat it as an action/adventure. That’s why I liked Kaede more: she is much weaker than Samanosuke, so I had to avoid unnecessary battles and consult my map regularly to decide my next destination. I found her to be better integrated in the game design and I wish she had a bigger participation in the adventure. Even my most memorable scene is with her, when she reaches a river shore and stares at the other side, at a tower where Samanosuke is about to fight a monstrous hybrid. Onimusha still has some of the highest production values on PS2, though, and fans of the genre should definitely see it.

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