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EnVy of the LCS: EnVyUs's Successful Team Dynamic

Most often, LCS teams are built with the best players in mind and the maximum skill cap a roster can attain. Generally, teams that are formed in such a fashion are known as "Super Teams," a term that began getting thrown around in League of Legends in Season 3. Currently, Team EnVyUs doesn’t have the type of roster that would bring that term to mind, but does possess a specific team dynamic and identity from the get-go. A roster of three Korean imports — Seraph, Proxcin, and Ninja, complemented by the North American duo of LOD and Hakuko — has a healthier team dynamic than most newly formed teams.

While the current dynamic may be a happy accident as a result from trying to nab the best players, the acquisition of the Korean duo of Seraph and Ninja is where it all begins. The two have been teammates for quite a while, spending time in challenger, with Team Dragon Knights, while also saving Renegades from 10th place, the last few weeks of the LCS. While both players definitely had some excitement around them, they were hardly expected to be the one-two punch solo lanes they’ve shown themselves to be. They haven’t exactly been dominant, but the communication between the two in teamfight and early game situations has been on point so far.

Additionally, the players have been the two main carries for nV, taking the brunt of the focus in early laning scenarios and in mid-late game teamfights. While their personal statistics suffer, it fully allows the rest of the team to be unlocked during these situations as well.

Threatening solo lanes takes pressure off Proxcin to be a threatening early game jungler and often leaves the bot lane in more comfortable situations as well. As a result, nV’s early game has been in good shape and has had them transitioning well into later stages of the game.

Proxcin, as a main beneficiary of the solo lane pressure, is doing his part for the team by generally being a farmbot, tied for first in Creep Score Per Minute (CSPM) with Immortals’ Reignover at 4.7. As a result, Proxcin has been the third highest damage providing jungler in the league, providing 18.4% of his team’s damage, being a solid carry on the likes of Graves, Kindred and Nidalee. He completes the three-headed Korean monster that heads nV’s victories, being yet another carry for teams to eat through, before getting to nV AD carry, LOD.

LOD and Hakuho, together, give the exact kind of support that nV’s three-headed beast needs: A stable, functioning bottom lane that delivers when the Koreans inevitably get focused. The duo isn’t giving away any leads in the early game, allowing for the rest of the nV machine to develop steadily. LOD contributes well as the last carry, having played so far as the ideal "safe" carry that’s main goal is to stretch just enough so that Seraph and Ninja aren’t completely at it themselves. As a result, LOD has by far the lowest death percentage in the league at just 9.9% while still contributing above average damage. Hakuko, as well, has contributed well in teamfights, actually being the main source of CC for his team on the likes of champions like Zyra and Braum. He holds the line and keeps his carries going; the duo is solid and that’s all that nV needs.

The nV dynamic of threatening solo lanes, a mid-game carry jungler, and the safely contributing bottom lane has made for great victories so far, having been able to stave off all their opponents so far. The players cover each other well, with Proxcin’s lack of knack for the early game being covered by strong solo lanes, and a solid bottom lane keeping the team aggression honest. Communication is flowing well, as there is yet to be any true misdirection from nV in any of their games. Sure, they’ve been outdone a few times by the likes of NRG and Apex, but they hardly go down easy. They stay competitive and prioritize objectives properly, seldom giving away Barons and Dragons for free, forcing the issue from the opposing team.

EnVyUs has been excellent so far in the LCS with their 4-0 start and clean victories, but it still is just the beginning for this new squad. Stronger opponents come forth in the form of Immortals and Team Solomid, in the coming weeks, with far more aggressive junglers and solo laners to create some headaches. The current team dynamic allows for a balanced mid-game, but have yet to be under great pressure early on. This is going to be nV’s time to show if they’re the real deal and can remain the big cheese against such strong opposition and if Seraph and Ninja can stave off some of the league’s best.

All statistics were referenced from Oracle's Elixir.

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