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<b>Luna Chronicles</b> – Update welcomes guild system and new adventurers

Released recently, the “Stand Together” content update brings more thrill to Luna Chronicles with powerful player-driven Guilds, allowing players to unite under one common banner and access new and exclusive features. By participating and contributing resources to their guilds, players will gain crucial advantages over the toughest battles as well as rare and highly sought-after items.

Luna Chronicles patch notice

Among these numerous combat advantages is the Guild Altar, which will gradually unlock a variety of passive squad bonuses that boost various attributes, such as Attack, Critical Rate, Status Resistances, and more. Once unlocked, guild members can activate any combination of these bonuses to their liking, dramatically enhancing their squads across all PvE game modes. PvP will still be fair!

Luna Chronicles - Guild screenshot 1Luna Chronicles - Guild screenshot 2Luna Chronicles - Guild screenshot 3Luna Chronicles - Guild screenshot 4

The “Stand Together” update also introduces two new Adventurers: Korvan, an Attack-Type sorcerer who uses vile magic to ravage enemies while feeding his bloodlust with their deaths, and Deino, a Balance-Type witch who uses her chaos orb to drain the life forces from those who defy her! Stand Together is the first of several planned content updates for Luna Chronicles. Stay tuned for updates!

Luna Chronicles - New adventurers

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