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<b>Dragon’s Dogma Online</b> – Capcom prepares for 2.0 with new game trailer

Developed by Capcom and only available in Japan on PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, Dragon’s Dogma Online is getting its massive 2.0 content update on 30 June. Between launch and now, 3 news classes have been introduced, making it a grand total of 9. Hence, version 2.0 is focused on all other features including main storyline, new regions, dungeons, monsters, equipment, and more.

Players will be able to choose from all 9 classes from the start of the game, with no more restrictions on certain classes. New content will see the introduction of a housing system, with almost all functions providing a boost to the owner. These include storage, a training room, spa, and more! Main towns will see the cap of 100 players increased to a massive 1,000. And a new antagonist, Black Knight.

Dragon's Dogma Online 2.0 screenshot 1Dragon's Dogma Online 2.0 screenshot 2

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