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<b>MapleStory</b> – 5th job advancement confirmed for level 200 at Nexon event

Earlier today, Nexon held a live event known as “MapleStory Hi-Five” in the Nexon E-Sports Stadium. Limited to just a small group of MapleStory fans, it was an open secret the 5th job advancement would be announced, and indeed it happened. According to information from the lucky invitees, this will take place at level 200. Seen in the Take V game trailer below are the new skills available for each class.

Updates for MapleStory tend to be huge, so it is no surprise there will be new systems (V-Matrix for skills, Arcane Symbols for equipment), new maps (for level 200 items), balance adjustments (EXP to level decrease, changes to all stats calculations), and more misc updates (expanded inventory, improved user interface, etc). I guess all these content will be released in different parts pretty soon.

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