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<b>Final Fantasy XIV</b> – New costume set exclusive to China server revealed

Publisher Shanda Games recently announced a new costume set for Final Fantasy XIV, which is touted to be exclusive to the China server. Roughly translated as the “High Deity” set, it includes the costume, 2 emotes, a cloud mount, and a golden cudgel weapon (only for Dragoon job). It should be clear the set is based on the mythical deity from Chinese folklore, Sun Wukong, or Monkey King.

This is said to be the second costume set exclusive to China, and will go on sale this 5 July although interested gamers can pre-order now at a discounted price. Set A, consisting of the costume, 2 emotes, and a Fantasia Potion, costs around USD 34.00, while Set B consists of just the cloud mount and costs around USD 30.00. Players who preorder both sets will receive the golden cudgel for “free”.

Final Fantasy 14 China - High Deity set screenshot 2Final Fantasy 14 China - High Deity set screenshot 3

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