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<b>Perfect World</b> – New expansion revealed and teases Steam launch

[Play now] Perfect World Entertainment recently announced that PWI: Elysium, the 12th expansion for Perfect World Entertainment’s flagship fantasy MMORPG, will launch on April 13. Take a first look at PWI’s largest expansion to date in the trailer below! The Elysium expansion introduces tons of new content and gameplay updates for PWI players to enjoy. PWI will also be launching on Steam soon!

The new Homestead System allows players to build and furnish a sanctuary for their characters, where they can welcome travelers, craft items and generate resources. The new end-game dungeon “Uncharted Paradise” challenges players to team up in groups of 10 to defeat a series of guardians for rewards. Elysium also brings upgraded weapons, max-level gear, plus new fashion, mounts and flyers.

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