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:: News :: CG EU ET Season 1: Divisions

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CG EU ET Season 1: Divisions (15183 Views)

written by ohurcool on 06.03.14 22:26
CyberGamer EU ET Season 1Monday the 10th of March

ET 6on6 League

6on6 league

ET 3on3 League

3on3 league

General Information


1 wildcardbefore

all league matches must be played by Monday the 21st of April




3on3 Maplist


6on6 Maplist




Sunday the 9th at 23:59 CET

make sure all of your players have been added to your team

CG EU ET Season 1 Recruitment

CG EU ET 6on6 League
CG EU ET 3on3 League

After receiving nearly eighty signups in less than two weeks, the 3on3 & 6on6 league divisions are now online! Both leagues officially start on . In the , thirty teams will compete in five divisions of six teams each. Four teams from each division will advance to the next stage of the cup to play versus each other in a double-elimination tournament. In the , fourty-eight teams will compete in eight divisions of six teams each. Four teams from each division will advance to the next stage of the cup to play versus each other in a double-elimination tournament. As explained in my previous newpost, the first stage of CG EU ET Season 1 will be run as a league. Matches are played round robin style, meaning that in each division all teams play versus each other once. All games must be scheduled in advance. On the of each matchweek, unscheduled matches will be forced to the end of the matchweek (Sunday or Monday). Each team has which can be used to cancel a scheduled match for any reason. Wildcards can only be used the official match time. Teams are free to play their games at an earlier or later date if both teams agree, but - no exceptions! In the league stage, maps are (see below). More information about challenging and such will come soon. All Division 1 & 2 matches must be played on . First Matchweek: Monday, 10th of March - Monday, 17th of March (6on6: adlernest / radar, 3on3: frostbite / sw_goldrush_te) Second Matchweek: Monday, 17th of March - Monday, 24th of March (6on6: bremen_b3 / supply, 3on3: adlernest / et_ice) Third Matchweek: Monday, 24th of March - Monday, 31st of March (6on6: missile_b3 / sw_goldrush_te, 3on3: sp_delivery_te / supply) Fourth Matchweek: Monday, 31st of March - Monday, 7th of April (6on6: radar / supply, 3on3: adlernest / sw_goldrush_te) Fifth Matchweek: Monday, 7th of April - Monday, 14th of April (6on6: bremen_b3 / sw_goldrush_te, 3on3: frostbite / supply) adlernest, , et_ice, , frostbite, sp_delivery_te, supply, sw_goldrush_te adlernest, bremen_b3, frostbite, , , radar, supply, sw_goldrush_te Please keep in mind that these divisions are not yet final. We reserve the right to edit them in any way for any reason, and as always we will allow teams to swap with each other if requested. If you'd like to swap divisions, first find another team with whom you could trade places. Both team captains must then provide us with links to each team and explain where you'd like to swap to and from. You may send , , or myself a PM on IRC with all information. Swaps can be made until . Also, we may accept some late signups if any teams drop out. Please let us know if either your team will drop out or if you'd still like to sign up for Season 1! Finally, please . This should be done by the start of the first matchweek. Thanks and good luck!


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