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<b>HIT</b> – New game trailer showcases UE 4 graphics and character roster

[Pre-register now] Publisher Nexon and developer NAT Games have released a new trailer for their upcoming action RPG, HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales), that showcases the visual spectacle of the title, in addition to highlighting the character roster. Nexon is heavily touting HIT’s stunning graphics, claiming gamers won’t believe the trailer is showcasing a mobile game. Hail to Unreal Engine 4!

Launching for iOS and Android this summer, HIT is developed by a team world-class engineering team at NAT Games lead by Yong-Hyun Park, the renowned lead designer behind Lineage II and TERA. Fast and fluid combat lies at the core of the HIT experience, and as aerial combos are executed, foes thrown and pushed down the action doesn’t let up, delivering an intensely satisfying experience.

Four varied characters will be available at launch, each of which has their own highly customisable skill tree; giving players the opportunity to dramatically change the dynamics of combat and tailor the action to suit their own style. HIT pre-registrations are now open to Western audiences. A staggering 50,000 users have already signed up, guaranteeing themselves access to unique in-game rewards.

HIT screenshot 2

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