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<b>Seven Guardians</b> – New cartoony side-scrolling RPG launches worldwide

Korean mobile game publisher 4:33 Creative Lab today released its latest side-scrolling, action-packed strategy mobile role-playing game (RPG), Seven Guardians, for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) devices worldwide. Seven Guardians features seven uniquely-skilled heroswhich are the last survivors of a once-flourishing land, now being ravished by rampaging Undead adversaries.

Players will need to play strategically, utilizing the skills of each of the courageous heroes, with the help of Ancient Gods, empowered tanks, and collectible and crafted armor and gear, to conquer each of the battles. Players can embark on nine single player and online battle modes filled with waves of enemies to conquer and fortresses to demolish, ultimately to restore peace to the nine divine worlds.

In Seven Guardians players will:

2. Conquer the nine battle modes: single and online modes with intense action in PvP Arenas, Sanctuaries, Guild Raids and more

3. Arm your alliance for the final resistance: collect and craft armor and gear to withstand the onslaught of the Undead

4. Summon the almighty Protector to join the battle: demolish enemy bases and use Ancient Gods with ferocious attacks to conquer all battles

5. Build an unbeatable army: break through the enemy line with a powerful team formed and trained from hundreds of heroes and ten different tanks

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