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Four Of The Best Perfect LoL Games

Week 1 of the North American LCS saw one of the rarest occurrences in League of Legends: the perfect game. Immortals absolutely crushed Team Impulse, not giving up a single kill, tower, Dragon kill, or Baron buff.

The feat has only been pulled off a handful of times in high-level professional play, and only once before in the NA LCS. Often establishing a team as a major contender in competitive play, those who have achieved perfect games immediately become the most talked about team around.

Team Dignitas vs. Complexity

For many North American viewers, Week 4 of the 2013 NA LCS was their first exposure to the concept of a perfect game. And up until last week, it was the only time it had been seen on NA soil.

Sure, League of Legends was a rather snowbally experience back in Season 3, but it wasn’t exactly common for teams to run over their opponents like Dignitas did to Complexity. This was a first.

With the classic roster of Dignitas in place - including Imaqtpie on the snowball king, Draven - the squad quickly nabbed first blood with an early tower dive and simply never let up. One of the hardest beatings in the early days of the LCS, it showed that not all pro teams were created equally and established Dignitas as one of the early powers in North America.

Alliance vs. Naijin White Shield

Likely the most famous perfect game in LoL history, Alliance’s stomping of the favored Najin White Shield at the 2014 World Championships was also one of the most unexpected. Until that point, Najin had looked like the favorite to top Group D. Meanwhile, the Froggen-led Alliance was struggling to find a foothold, even having lost to an underwhelming Shield squad earlier in the round robin.

But then, Shook’s Lee Sin happened. With four kills, an assist, and an amazing Dragon steal before the 14 minute mark, he established his dominance against Najin’s Watch in the early stages of the game and gave his team the confidence to crush their Korean opponents in one of the most impressive performances ever from a European squad on the international stage.

Of course, Alliance were massively upset by Brazilian wildcard underdogs KaBuM! in the very next match, but for a shining moment, the Europeans seemed on top of the world.

Invictus Gaming vs. Team King

Up until their perfect match against Team King, it was hard to tell exactly how good the 2015 Summer roster of Invictus Gaming really was. With Chinese squads notorious for their experimentation throughout the LPL’s massively long regular season, it was increasingly hard to get a handle on what many of these teams were capable of. iG was especially slippery, rarely having a consistent week and bouncing all over the standings.

By Week 5, iG top laner Zz1tai seemed tired of waiting around for his team to pick it up. Nabbing the power pick of Gnar, he outright abused inSec’s Nautilus in the top lane, netting himself a pair of early kills and a huge CS lead. From there, it was pretty simple for him to split push his way to victory while jungler KaKAO - despite not being involved in any kills for much of the game - controlled the jungle around him. Meanwhile Rookie was proving himself to be one of the best mid laners in China with his now signature Viktor.

The flawless victory established iG as a team to be reckoned with in the LPL, and began their run towards the World Championship stage.

Immortals vs. Team Impulse

Sometimes, a super team just comes together.

As one of the most hyped North American rosters coming into the 2015 season, no one was really sure if the squad’s compilation of players from Fnatic, TSM, CLG, and Team Impulse would be able to meld in the early weeks of the season. As it turns out, they absolutely could.

Is 2015’s TiP looking like one of the weakest teams in NA? Maybe. Were they forced to use subs as a result of visa issues? Sure. Will mid-laner Gate have played three different positions by the time this season is over? Yes. But despite all that, no one was expecting them to lose in the shortest game in NA LCS history. With the Immortals victory taking just over 18 minutes, the hyperaggressive new team has established themselves as the frontrunner in North America. And with their current 4-0 record, they’re looking to continue their dominance. It’s now up to the rest of the league to stop them.

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