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The League of Legends Plays Named After Pros

Occasionally, a League of Legends player will do something so flashy, so impressive, that they’ll have the maneuver named after them. From that point forward, any time anyone pulled off any of these moves, the originator’s name would be attached to the highlight reel.

These are the most famous - or infamous - named plays in League of Legends history.

The xPeke

The play that established League of Legends as one of the most important eSports in the world, xPeke’s backdoor was unlike anything we had seen before on the professional stage. The mechanics required, the excitement of the backdoor, the reactions of the players and fans. It was nothing like League fans had ever seen before. It instantly became the most legendary play in the history of the game, and has remained as such to this day.

Any time someone attempts a backdoor, everyone begins shouting the Spaniard’s name. Undeniably the most famous play in the history of the game, it’s only fitting that one of the most memorable European mid laners of all time lends his name to it.

The inSec

The original Lee Sin god, inSec popularized one of the flashier plays that a jungler can make after picking up the move from Korean solo queue. On paper, it’s pretty simple: He dashes in on his target as Lee Sin, drops a ward behind them, dashes there, and then Dragon’s Rage kicks them back into the rest of his team.

In practice, however, it’s anything but simple. The inSec requires perfect timing, expert mechanics, and the knowledge of who to kick when and where. Not many players can pull it off, even fewer can do it smoothly, and fewer still can do it in the right place at the right time.

The MadLife

 First known as the true master of Blitzcrank, MadLife later proved himself to be an expert on any champion with a hook. Whether it was Blitz’s Rocket Grab or Thresh’s Death Sentence, his nabs rarely missed.

Sure, he could land the easy ones, but his iconic hooks where those that no one could have predicted. Other than MadLife, that is. Regularly catching players just after a Flash or other movement spell, the CJ Entus support player proved time and time again that you couldn’t escape from his vicious skillshots.

The Misaya

Twisted Fate has a long history of being crazy powerful over the course of his time on the Rift. But no one has made him look quite as broken as former Team WE mid laner Misaya.

His ability to start fights by using Destiny to teleport into the enemy team, landing a clutch Gold Card on a priority target, and - crucially - using Zhonya’s Hourglass to avoid all incoming damage while his team follows up showed what the true potential of the Card Master could be. To this day, players are trying to emulate him, with even the best finding themselves incapable of playing TF up to the level of Misaya.

The Scarra Ward

Not everything on this list can be godlike mechanical plays. Perhaps the most infamous of the named plays, the Scarra Ward proves that even the best players in the world are human, after all.

Once, in a solo queue game, Scarra took on the challenge of dropping the most notoriously fickle ward in League of Legends: The blue side tribush ward, lobbed over the Dragon pit wall. After failing twice in spectacular fashion, he declared, “I hate this game.” And thus, a meme was born. Though the Scarra Ward will happen less often thanks to ward placement changes in Patch 5.24, his failures will always be remembered whenever someone just misses that brush.

What name will be the next to add to the list? Whose tag will fans shout during the next big play? 

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