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<b>Final Fantasy XIV</b> – Nexon roped in as partner for Heavensward update

Just a refresher, Final Fantasy XIV is published in South Korea by Eyedentity Mobile (formerly Eyedentity Games), developer of Dragon Nest and owned by a messed-up Chinese company known as Shanda. With the Heavensward expansion arriving next week, Eyedentitty Mobile announced it has worked out a deal with Nexon for its users to play Final Fantasy XIV without creating a new account.

I have my doubts if this collaboration will work out. Although Nexon is the largest gaming company in Korea with a big pool of players, all of them are actually Free-to-Play users. With the Korean server of Final Fantasy XIV still requiring a subscription, would any of the Nexon gamers actually bite the bait? 90 days of game time costs around USD 41.00, which is by no means cheap in the country.

Final Fantasy XIV Korea 90-day pricing

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