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<b>League of Legends</b> – Jay Chou signs agreement to form eSports company

Back in November 2015, Taiwanese popstar Jay Chou announced he will be forming an eSports team to take part in League of Legends. The avid fan even performed the game’s theme song in China (bottom). Earlier, a company known as China Digital Digital Group issued a press release to the Chinese media, claiming Jay Chou has signed with them to form an eSports company in Asia.

The focus will be on 3 Asian countries, and I am guessing them to be Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. The contract agreement, as seen above, did not specify the teams are just for League of Legends, hence there is a high chance the team known as “J Team” will be taking part in several games’ eSports tournaments. This is just speculation for now on my part, but watch for “J Team” coming your way!

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cinderboy Your average online gamer who is bilingual in Chinese and English, although he does try to play Japanese and Korean games sometimes. Online gaming since 1999, and has worked in the online gaming and mobile gaming industry (Journalist, Game Master, Community Manager, Operations Manager) since 2008.

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