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<b>MU Legend</b> – Webzen confirms new action MMORPG for Western region

Webzen, a global developer and publisher of Free-to-Play games, today released more information about its upcoming online game titled MU Legend. Developed using Unreal Engine 3, MU Legend is a highly anticipated MMORPG with powerful hack-and-slash combat, various PVP contents, and stunning graphics. The game will also feature third person perspective and quarter view similar to MU Online.

Of the four playable classes, Dark Lord is a revamped class of MU Online, with good stamina and defensive stat to act as both tanker and damage dealer. On the other hand, Whisperer is a brand-new class inspired by Fairy Elf, an original class of MU Online. Whisperer is a class that specializes in ranged attacks, freely adjusting the distance and position between players at high speed.

War Mage is a wizard-type class with powerful ranged AOE spells, while Blader is a warrior class dealing devastating attacks with melee weapons. Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at Webzen, said: “For a Western release, we are currently working on bringing the game to the West. Once a concrete schedule is finalized, we will officially announce the upcoming schedule. So stay tuned!”

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