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Oculus Rift convinced me that VR has potential - but hasn't convinced me to invest in it yet - Gaming Thoughts -

Of course the other concern is who is going to come out on top? That is a full on article and debate in and of itself. I have no idea, to be honest. This is another reason for me to sit back and wait to see what happens. I do not have any horses in this race - I just hope that in the end the technology and games prove themselves and we usher in the next revolution in video gaming. I think the potential here is undeniable, but I am not quite ready to put my money down on a single bet just yet. A lot of what we do here at CGR is write reviews and share our experiences in hopes we can help others choose how to spend their hard earned money. I need to see more from VR first before I can recommend it to others due to the number of variables involved still.

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