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NALCS Summer Split 2016 Cheat Sheet

Following an offseason of landmark highs and staggering lows, the North American League of Legends Championship Series returns with a slick sheen as new and old teams vie for the championship and the chance of representing the region at this year's World Championships. So what do you need to know heading into the first weekend of the 2016 Summer Split?

Joining other leagues like Korea’s LCK, the NALCS will shift to a best-of-three format for its regular season matchers. The regular season will still consist of a double round robin where each team faces off against one another twice during the course of the season. And teams will still play two matches each week.

An argument can be made that the low number of pro games throughout an LCS season results in poorer performances come international tournaments. In contrast, Korean and Chinese teams play far more games and are afforded more time to acclimate themselves to an extended series. Previously, LCS players could only gain such experience during playoffs.

With the new format, this will no longer be the case, and it will be interesting to see which teams benefit from the change. Team SoloMid traditionally excel at best-of series. Like a Floyd Mayweather, TSM often drop early games before sizing up an opponent and resurging to victory. On the flipside, Team Liquid often come out of the gate running before faltering late.

The NALCS will be broadcast over three days. Friday will serve as Riot's Thursday Night Football; the start of the sporting weekend with two late-night matches. Saturday and Sunday will feature four matches each. To accommodate the longer series, two matches will be aired concurrently for two sets per day.

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