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<b>Jade Dynasty Mobile</b> – First data-wipe test phase begins in China

Jade Dynasty is one of Chinese developer Perfect World’s most successful online games, and ii is a surprise an actual mobile version took so long to be introduced (the first Jade Dynasty mobile game is a cartoony one known as Fantasy Jade Dynasty). Last week, the first data-wipe test phase started in China to a limited number of gamers. The 4 playable classes are Jadeon, Vim, Lupin, and Skysong.

The game does not actually introduce anything new, and you can have a good view of the cluttered and busy UI interface in the screenshots below, which is typically a trademark of mobile RPG titles developed in China. Almost all systems found in common MMORPGs are available in Jade Dynasty Mobile, including mounts, raid bosses, guilds, massive PVP grounds, hundreds of items and more.

Jade Dynasty Mobile screenshot 1Jade Dynasty Mobile screenshot 2

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